Horizon Hills (Horizon)

Horizon Hills

Preakness / Breeder Cup / Sandy Pine / Stetson / Mark Twain / Sandy Pine

Trinity - 440 Stetson

Manhattan - 12631 Mark Twain

Trinity II - 428 Stetson

Manhattan II - 1712 Preakness & 1711 Breeder Cup

Bedford - 1707 Breeder Cup

Madison III - 1720 Preakness

Brooklyn - 1716 Preakness

Lenox II - 13851 Sandy Pine & 424 Stetson

Reasons To Love

Horizon Hills

Being able to avoid all the traffic, get home and relax with my family. That is my favorite part about living in Horizon. Not to mention the view of the stars at night, it's unlike anywhere else in the city, closest you can get to camping in the comfort of your own home.

Sara, Colorado
Horizon, El Paso

 The thing I love about living in Horizon, is how close the desert is, my battle buddies and I take our ATV out to the desert to go off-roading and shooting. 

Randall McNeil
Horizon, El Paso

I love raising our family in Horizon because it feels so much safer, everyone knows each other, it's such a community feel. I moved from a small town and moving to such a big city was scary at first but I love it now, everything feels so close, there is new businesses opening every day that I can take the kids out for activities. Gyms, cafes, restaurants, shows, there is something for everyone.

Family Barrett Harris
Horizon, El Paso

Horizon Hills

Local Favorites

East Lake High School

Horizon Middle School

John Drugan School (elementary/middle)

Mission Ride Elementary

EPCC Mission Del Paso

Cielo Vista Mall

The Fountains Farah

Santa Cecilia Restaurant

Moonlight Bar & Grill

Wing Daddys 

Boss Chicken and Custard

Chinese Gourmet 88

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