Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Gatton St / Samfordham St / Coldham St

Madison II - 13618 Gatton St

Brooklyn II - 13501 Coldham St

Trinity II - 988 Samforham

Brooklyn - 992 Samfordham St

Soho - 13594 Gatton


West Side

I love being able to watch the sunset with the view of the Franklin Mountains. 

Jeffrey Brown
Westside, El Paso

I've lived on the West Side for the last two years, and I can probably count on two hands the times I've needed to leave it. It's like a self-contained community. West Side=Best Side.

Erick Lewis
Westside, El Paso

I love the small town feel that the west side has where everyone knows everyone, it provides a sense of safety. Also the sunsets, the hue of color on the Franklin mountain is unparalleled.

Carla Ojinaga
Westside, El Paso

I love living in west El Paso, because after moving around with my military family every 3-4 years, my dad retired and we had a home built in the area. It was the first time I was able to call a place home and have friends from grade school now friends as adults. Holidays are especially special.

Jenni Marie
Westside, El Paso

I like living on the west side because of all the options for places to eat, the nightlife and entertainment, and it's easier to get to The University of Texas at El Paso.

Chanel Case
Westside, El Paso


Local Favorites

East Lake High School
Horizon Middle School
John Drugan School (elementary/middle)
Mission Ride Elementary

EPCC Mission Del Paso

Cielo Vista Mall

The Fountains Farah

Moonlight Bar & Grill
Wing Daddys 
Boss Chicken and Custard

Chinese Gourmet 88

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